Client Name: MTV
Project Type: Resort
Location: Zaarour, Lebanon

Located to the south of all other resorts, Zaarour Club is distant 35 km from Beirut which is about a 35minute drive. To get there, one option is taking the road from Metn Highway and going up past Mar Moussa, Bikfaya, Dhour Choueir and Mrouj. Another option would be heading north on the coastal main road, and then turning right in Antelias going straight up on the Bikfaya road, followed by all the regions mentioned above.

With the imminent extension of the main road towards Faqra, 15km to the east along the so-called Sannine Cafes lane, Zaarour Club promises to improve its accessibility.

Zaarour club offers endless activities that meet everyone’s interests! Browse through the activities and events our club has to offer… There’s really nothing you can’t do!