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Hajj Art Stone’s concrete mix has been specifically designed for maximum durability to withstand the harshest conditions. Hajj Art Stone offers a 50 year limited warranty.

A base color mix is used on all our products; it represents the main color range. Ascending color cements are then integrated into the base color and absorbed into the surface. Varying base colors are blended together; many of our standard products have up to 8 different base colors blended together.

Hajj Art Stone is made with the highest quality natural color pigments available with today’s technology (Bayern). After final curing of the product, color change over time is negligible.

Hajj Art Stone meets or exceeds all building code requirements for its intended uses.

A tell-tale sign of manufactured stone is seeing the same stone repeated in a project. Hajj Art Stone avoids that by casting from thousands of individual molds. There is up to 100 meter of master molds per product. Our coloring process also ensures that no two stones will look exactly alike. Look for repeats when you are choosing your stone brand!

The thickness range is between 1 cm - 15 cm, The average thickness is 3 cm.

The average weight is 65Kg/m2 for regular cement and 35Kg for light weight concrete, but varies depending on the stone thickness.

Hajj Art Stone is not combustible. It has zero flame spread and zero smoke.

Hajj Art Veneer Stone is installed the same way natural stone is installed.

If you have an installation that will require a lot of cutting and trimming, creating waste, you may want to order 5% more. Having an extra box of stone is usually less expensive than running out of stones which might cause delays in the project or additional transportation expenses.

Yes. Painted or sealed concrete surfaces must be sand blasted or equivalent to clean concrete. Concrete surfaces must be saturated with water to prevent the moisture in the mortar from being absorbed into the surface. This will cause the application mortar to be weak.

Exposure to water is not a problem. However, keep in mind that stone should not be installed below water levels where chlorine, chemicals and other contaminants may be present.

Water intrusion of a building is not a problem caused by the stone but rather by improper wall preparation. Following installation instructions and codes for proper installations of building papers, flashings, and sealing around wall, will prevent water intrusion.

Compare us and you will find that Hajj Art Stone products:

  • Perfectly matches the appearance of natural stone & can fool even experienced masons (no repeats can be noticed on the same surface as we use a set of more than 100 different individual molds)

  • Offers a wide range of colors & textures has one of the largest manufactured stone selections in the world

  • Can be custom-made

  • Lighter in weight & can be easily installed on any surface (inside & outside)

  • Enjoys all natural stone qualities in terms of durability, color permanence, water resistance, fire ratings, and shape.

  • Durable & maintenance free

  • Produced with the best quality raw materials & colorized throughout with the finest color pigments. Thus stone colors do not change over time.

  • Affordable

  • Transportation costs are lower

  • Delivery is faster

  • Prevents waste; only 2% waste factor

  • Backed up with a 50 year limited warranty

  • More eco-friendly

Hajj Art Stone has been rigorously tested for its intended use by the Lebanese University Laboratories in Roumyeh Campus.