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Terrazzo Stone

Terrazzo Stone

Hajj Art Terrazzo Stone has become the material of choice for contemporary cladding as it meets and surpasses technical and aesthetic features of natural stone. Hajj Art Stone’s state of the art Terrazzo Factory, with its capacity of producing 20,000 sqm/month, utilizes cutting edge technology machines and a special admixture to ensure that the Terrazzo exceeds requirements set by the industry mainly and not limited to: compressive & flexural strength, water absorption, aggregate dispersion and the consistency of the stone over the years.

Hajj Art Terrazzo can be used in a range of settings; whether you choose to place indoor or outdoor, in your home or in your floors, walls, worktops & arches a distinguished look and feel. Terrazzo is manufactured by mixing the most reliable and guaranteed pigments in the market allowing our clients to create a bespoke design and color to suit their needs. Other than its technical, aesthetic and availability advantages over natural stone, Terrazzo is a much more eco-friendly choice for your cladding as we utilize crushed stones left in quarries or from natural stone beds. 

Hajj Art  Stone  ensures that all special admixtures used during production becomes inert once the Terrazzo is cured making the product safe and suitable for any area. With the help of a specialized team in forwarding and shipping Hajj Art Terrazzo is easily shipped and packed to any destination in the world.

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