Client Name: Mr. Richard Farhat
Project Type: Venue
Location: Mar Roukoz, Lebanon

Nuit Blanche- The venue will leave you charmed by its marvelous green hills overlooking the city of Beirut. Located among the pine trees, it will give you the best of both spirits, nature and city view.

We say "fêtez à votre manière" because Nuit Blanche-The venue offers you both outdoor and indoor areas to suit all types of events, regardless of the weather conditions. The outdoor facility includes a cozy reception space that is dedicated for greeting the guests while the main outdoor space can accommodate up to 900 guests and is reserved for hosting the main events.

The indoor facility also includes two areas. On the first level is the reception area. On the lower level lays the 600 square meters Ballroom that can seat up to 600 guests all year long for any type of event.