Although natural stone receives a lot of attention, manufactured stone has significantly risen in popularity throughout the past few years, and when it comes to comparing natural stone vs manufactured stone, Hajj Art Manufactured Stone is the clear winner.

The comparison below will help you learn the difference as you plan your custom build or renovation project.

Natural Stone

  • Hard to find

  • Limited colors & textures 

  • No guarantee for quality even in a single quarry. Low quality natural stone may cause severe problems to your project

  • May take months to be delivered

  • Expensive

  • More than 10% waste factor

Hajj Art Manufactured Stone

  • Perfectly matches the appearance of natural stone & can fool even experienced masons (no repeats can be noticed on the same surface as we utilize a set of more than 100 different individual molds)

  • Offers a wide range of colors & textures has one of the largest manufactured stone selections in the world

  • Can be custom-made

  • Lighter in weight & can be easily installed on any surface (inside & outside)

  • Enjoys all natural stone qualities

  • Durable & maintenance free

  • Produced with the best quality raw materials & colorized throughout with the finest color pigments. Thus stone colors do not change over time

  • Affordable

  • Transportation costs are lower

  • Delivery is faster

  • Prevents waste & only 2% waste factor

  • Backed up with a 50 year warranty

  • More eco-friendly