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Ledgestone Series

With an easy-to-install design that does not require grout joints, Classic Ledge allows even the most inexperienced builder to create professional facings for any kind of space.Origin: Spain..
Country Ledge is a practical way to achieve a custom look. mall-scale, low relief stones are all meticulously bundled together to form modular components of equal heights. The component pieces of the stone feature a patented interlocking mortar groove for a secure adhesion without grouted joints.Ori..
Mountain Ledge is known to be an excellent stone that helps you in adding rugged, mountainous appeal to your home or building. Stratification on the stone face and a greater level of protrusion than other stone patterns help creating this timeless look.Origin: USA..
Quick Stack Ledge evokes the charm and character of your estate. With a smaller yet distinctive ledgestone, this small stone provides strong shadows and dramatic depth to any vertical surface. Designed for easy installation! Origin: USA..
Hajj Art Stone Rustic Ledge is a textured and layered full scale ledge stone with long dimensional stones. Split along parallel planes, the stones possess distinctive textural foliation as well as a pronounced rock cleavage. Origin: USA..
Soft Ledge is a smoother version of our Classic Ledge. This stone is great for adding texture and variety to your projects. Origin: Portugal..
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