Client Name: Banamo Foncia
Project Type: Resort
Location: Faqra, Lebanon

Oakridge makes its home nestled high in the mountains of Faqra.

On top of the world at 1,550m above sea level, Faqra is only 55km away from Beirut. Faqra’s legendary fresh weather adds more charm to its historical significance with the ruins of the Phoenician Goddess Astestre’s temple and the Roman Emperor Claudius’s tower. In the modern era, Faqra has become famous for its attractive lifestyle and world of leisure. A region renowned for its elegant and prestigious quality of living, Oakridge further adds to the area’s fame. A fresh freeze of modern luxury with rural charm, Oakridge is located away from busy city stress and yet boasts easy access to Beirut and the rest of Lebanon. High in the mountains, Faqra and hence Oakridge command spectacular views which seem to overlook the world. Open horizons, lush greenery, picturesque mountains and distant locales can all be seen. Such visual pleasure is priceless. Oakridge finds itself amongst an inspiring hilltop landscape with dramatic views onto lower valleys, agricultural terraces, forested hilltops and distant sea views. The landscape design sows the seeds for sustainable development, creating a high quality and exclusive residential estate in Faqra. Oakridge’s external architecture combines stone with warm wood, modern glass and bright brick roof tiles. The underlying result is an invitingly contemporary vibe accentuated by an unmistakable rural character. Since Oakridge is at ‘the heights of luxury’, it naturally follows that this focus on quality extends itself to the interiors.

The well designed layouts use of top quality materials and premium finishing, come together to make each inch of Oakridge’s inner world a tribute to class and comfort. Oakridge is at the peak of rural sophistication and natural wellbeing. With views onto a vast horizon of lifestyle choices, Oakridge represents a lifetime of pleasure, leisure and luxury.

From the instance you enter through Oakridge’s gates, you automatically feel at ease with nature and find yourself in a realm of aesthetic contemporary design. A private community. A world full of activities and attractions for all ages: tennis, swimming, bicycle, rollers, hiking and much more. Children can play to their hearts’ content and engage in the thrills of outdoor fun. Teenagers, young adults and newlyweds can socialize in the carefree, harmonious setting and take pleasure in the wealth of entertainment choices available. And older residents can unwind in the tranquility of nature and comfort.