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Hajj Art Water Proof is a ready-to-use surface waterproofer made from a poly-siloxane oligomer that leaves a colorless, hydrophobic coat on Hajj Art Manufactured Stone. Once applied, Hajj Art Water Proof is absorbed by capillary action and is turned into a hydrophobic siloxane by humidity. The produ..
Hajj Art Stone Adhesive is a ready mix cement-based tile adhesive for internal & external use. Hajj Art Adhesive has an outstanding bonding effect, used for adhering large stones, or in cases of exposure to high degrees of humidity. It can be used in a damp environment, and is water resistant. Ava..
With its rustic texture and sophisticated beauty, French Brick brings simplicity to a once challenging discipline.Origin: France..
After meticulous research and careful hand picked selection, Hajj Art Stone has found a stone paver that puts the ancient world at your footsteps. Replicating the old cobble roads of Jerusalem with highly detailed textures and rustic earth tone colors> Fourney Stone adds an old world feel to any..
Our European Ashlar Stone is a blend of Fieldstone, Villa Stone and Brick Stone that creates this magnificent look! Origin: Austria..
Randomly shaped Eldorado River Rock has the warm and inviting look of stones that have been rounded by years of tumbling in a riverbed. Comfortable and timeless, Eldorado River Rock can be used to accentuate a variety of interior and exterior designs. Origin: USA..
By blending our stones with a variety of shapes and colors, the popular Eastern Fieldstone lends the impression that each stone has been carefully hand-picked to fit within the pattern. It's easy to install design allows even novice do-it-yourselfers to create beautiful, unique facings with ease. O..
The distinctive look of Hajj Art Stone Cultured Fieldstone is designed to emulate the Lebanese architecture of the 19th century. Origin: Lebanon..
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